runIT, the interface between browser and local programs


The bridge between the browser
and the local applications

You want to run a program on your computer from your browser without succeeding so far?

For security reasons, general browser access to local applications is not allowed. And that is a good thing.

But what if this access could be granted within an organization, specially and only for individual known use cases?

For this you need runIT !


How dows runIT work?


runIT is a service that must be installed where its functions are to be executed.

So if a user should start a program from the browser on his computer, runIT must also be installed on his computer.

Background service

runIT registers itself in the operating system as a new process. The actions can then be started through this process.


Each action which is to be started by runIT must be predefined and is made known to each runIT installation by a configuration file. In this process, Information about the program to be started, for example transfer parameters and return information, must be determined. These actions can now be addressed via a unique name. The action can only be executed if is known and has been configured.

You are in control!

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • 250 MB free hard disk space
  • 16MB RAM (runs in the background)
  • available port for accessing runIT

Use Cases

The following are some use cases in which runIT could be useful for you.

Helpdesk Agent bei der Arbeit als Remote Desktop Anwendung mit unIT.

Remote Desktop

An employee contacts your support. The employee is identified by the CTI connection of WSPone and the agent selects the employee’s device. This means that all information from the Config Management is available to start the appropriate remote desktop application such as RDP or Teamviewer on the agent’s computer at the touch of a button.

Without runIT this would not be possible.


Run Powershell

A department starts the onBoarding process for the setup of a new employee via the Catalog of WSPone.

The Request Fulfillment workflow helps to automate various tasks.

This can include the execution of server-side scripts, for example Powershell, which create new home directories for the new employee.

Mit runIT können Sie Command Line Befehle vom Browser aus automatisieren.

Fair licensing model

The runIT licenses are individually negotiated depending on the UseCase. We are looking forward to a conversation with you.


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